Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kim Cattrall not as provocative without 'Sex'

'Sex and the City' siren Kim Cattrall has since toned down her sex drive, even as she plays a porn star in 'Meet Monica Velour.'


'Sex and the City' siren Kim Cattrall has since toned down her sex drive, even as she plays a porn star in 'Meet Monica Velour.'

If Kim Cattrall wants to prove she's nothing like her "Sex and the City" character, she has us sold.

The 54-year-old actress, best known for her racy role as "Samantha" in the HBO franchise, plays a past-her-prime '80s porn star in her new movie, "Meet Monica Velour." But she proved a lot more prudish in real life when we asked her to comment on a story from the set that involved a kissing scene with an overexcited actor.

At Tuesday night's premiere of the independent film at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema on Houston St., we first ran into Cattrall's co-star Dustin Ingram.

The 21-year-old actor plays an awkward teen who idolizes the aging hottie and ends up befriending her. When we asked him to talk about his favorite moment on the set with Cattrall, he told us: "We would talk about sex and swap stories and pointers and all this stuff."�

That was when the film's director, Keith Bearden, interjected, with an impish smile:

"I think Dustin is lying." The filmmaker went on to describe what sounded like a much more memorable moment between Ingram and Cattrall.

When the two actors "made out" in the movie's "climactic kiss" scene, Bearden explained, "we had to change reels of film and Dustin gets up and he has the hugest erection."

At that point, Ingram cut off the director and insisted he was "lying."�

Undeterred, Bearden, who was dressed in a purple shirt with ruffles, replied, "I'm an old man; I know [ardor] when I see it!"

Cattrall didn't have much use for either man's story, and grew increasingly irate as we sought to discuss them with her.

First, she said, Ingram's claim that the pair swapped sex stories in her trailer was "absolutely not true." In a huff, she added that despite the profession of her character, the movie was not about sex.

That may have been why her demeanor turned even darker when we asked about Ingram's alleged reaction to their on-screen kiss.

"You know, as a woman, I really find those questions offensive," she told us. "As a woman, I find that really embarrassing [for you] to ask that." (For the record, the reporter who asked Cattrall these questions is a woman.)

Ultimately, Cattrall said she didn't know what Bearden was talking about.

We stopped there, because Bearden had also told us that Cattrall was a consummate pro who was "a dream" to work with as far as he was concerned, but did not suffer fools.

"When some of my crew gave her problems, she was really tough with them and made their lives unhappy," he explained. "But my relationship with her was fantastic."

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