Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rob Kardashian Hospitalized With Appendicitis

We can keep up with The Kardashians? active social calendars, but the task is apparently giving their internal organs a run for the blood cells. Rob Kardashian was hospitalized for an emergency appendectomy this week after being left doubled over with severe abdominal pains for much of the day on Tuesday.

Sister Kim Kardashian played nursemaid until Rob fell to ill to walk his own. Only then did the reality star make the trek to a Los Angeles medical center. When Rob arrived at the hospital, docs quickly made the decision to remove his appendix. Ouch!

Just last weekend, Rob celebrated his 24th birthday with a lavish party in Las Vegas. Sisters Kim and Khloe helped him ring in the big day at Jet Nightclub in the Mirage Hotel and Casino on The Strip.

Of course, Kardashian headline-making moment would be complete without pictures. He posted an image of himself in a hospital bed on Twitter and wrote: ?This is what happens if you don?t eat your Wheaties?? Rob, 24, is still recovering from the surgery ? but Kim, 30, Tweeted: ?Robbie is sick! He will be ok though!? We?re not sure which makes us feel worse for Rob: The fact that he?s his appendix sprung a leak just days after his birthday or that his big sister Kim wasted not even a nanosecond before Tweeting photos of the stricken twentysomething from the confines of his hospital bed.

You people really will do anything for publicity, won?t you?

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