Saturday, April 30, 2011

Prince Harry Gives The Perfect Toast

Friday night, after the media coverage of the Royal Wedding and the Queen?s Reception, 300 of William and Kate?s closest friends and family headed to the much anticipated�evening reception.

A guest at the reception talked to Us Weekly about Prince Harry?s toast, describing the Man of Honor: ?[Harry] was brillant. We all wished he could have just carried on. It was perfect. He was very nice.?

PHOTOS: Prince William And Prince Harry Arrive At Royal Wedding

The guest continued to gush about Prince Harry, explaining that he ?was the model brother [and] said all the things he needed to say. It was perfect.?

Prince Harry, seen arriving at Buckingham Palace, looks excited and happy for the couple. With William off the market, I have suddenly realized how attractive Prince Harry is. Browse the gallery and see for yourself. It even looks like Pippa Middleton might have noticed Harry?s�eligibility. Are you team William or Harry?

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