Monday, May 2, 2011

The 11 Best Answers from 'Animorphs' Author K.A. Applegate's Reddit Interview

Last Thursday, K.A. Applegate became the latest minor celebrity to offer herself up on Reddit?s AMA (Ask Me Anything) thread. And the woman is hilarious! Candid, informal, sarcastic ? I knew this from the books, but I had forgotten. Her answers are delightful to read. While she may not be as universally known as recent AMA participant Donald Glover, her thread is filled with such impassioned praise from all-grown-up fans and glowing thanks from Applegate, that it makes for a wonderful, geeky reunion. Here are the highlights.

When one Redditor said that the Animorphs books helped him get out of remedial English class: Coolest part of the job hearing that didn?t completely screw up a generation of kids.

If she regrets using ghostwriters for books #25-52: We started as ghostwriters, so we saw it more as opportunity. We paid well, but not very well to be honest. We wrote outlines (we suck at outlines) and then got all bitchy when we didn?t like what we got. Neither of us is an editor so we weren?t really capable of offering decent guidance. So we tended just to sort of slash and burn. Basically without meaning to be we were probably horrible assholes to work with.

?How do we know that this AMA isn?t ghostwritten?!?: Wow, that?s metaphysical. You know it?s real because jakemates [her son] says so and he is a serious, devoted Redditor. He loves Reddit more than me.

Her thoughts on Twilight: Uh, here?s the thing. We authors congregate at the same venues sometimes (book festivals, strip clubs). So I have to consider the possibility that Stephenie Meyer and I will be downing Jello shots together at some point, and she?ll be asking me why I said that shit about her on Reddit.

Her involvement with and reaction to the Nickelodeon TV show: We were not huge fans of the TV show. We wanted it to be animated because with kid actors, animals and FX it had every expensive thing in Hollywood. We knew Nick didn?t have the kind of money to make it good.

[Note: Agreed, except. Except! The theme song was awesome.]

When a fan says that Applegate got him/her into writing: So sorry to get you into writing. What a horrible thing to inflict on you. Should have just sold you crack.

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