Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jason Momoa Will Play A Gnarly-Looking Conan The Barbarian

Previously we?ve seen promo photos of Jason Momoa in costume as Conan the Barbarian but none of them really showed how gnarly the character will look in the film. Even the original Arnold Schwarzenegger Barbarian films featured a Conan that looked, for the most part, ?pretty?. But today we get to see a new photo of Momoa as Conan and as you can see ? he actually looks like a barbarian ? with facial battle scars and all.

I am really loving the way this new Conan film is starting to shape up. I am always so bothered by fantasy films that feature ?barbarian? type characters that have perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect teeth ? it?s not believable. Trust me, I get that audiences don?t always go to the movies to see ugly, dirty reality ? but I know I really respect realism in film. It?s hard to tell from just this one photo, but it seems as if Momoa?s Conan will be a grittier, more roughed up barbarian ? which I really like. If this photo is a sign of things to come, I?m sold. Um ? and can we please, for a moment, take some time to (Read more...)

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