Jesse James knows he could very well be the most hated man in America and he's okay with that. The CEO of West Coast Choppers used to be known as the biker dude from 'Monster Garage' and then more recently as the spouse of Sandra Bullock. But that all came crashing down last year when almost immediately after Bullock won the Oscar for 'The Blind Side,' the tabloids broke the seamy story of James' epic infidelities. A mere year later, the two are divorced and James is living with his three children by two ex-wives and about to get married a fourth time to tattoo artist, Kat Von D.

The biker mogul capped off a week of promotion for his memoir, 'American Outlaw,' by chatting with PopEater about the timing of the bombshell book, the origins of his screw-ups, whether he really tried to reconcile with Sandra, his guilt that he "decimated" his kids' lives and he brushes off criticism that he's rushing into another marriage.

"It doesn't matter if I wait, it'll always be to too quick to the public," he tells us. "I could wait ten years and everybody will say, 'How come he's rushing into it?' It's one of those things. At this point I don't think I'm going to be able to do anything right in anybody's eyes ever again, except kill myself or disappear, then people will be happy I guess."