Monday, May 2, 2011

Kottonmouth Kings Singer Daddy X Stabbed In Neck!

kottonmouthkingsdaddyx Kottonmouth Kings Singer Daddy X Stabbed In Neck!

Kottonmouth Kings frontman ?Daddy X? was stabbed in the neck and is recuperating in the hospital.

Daddy X, whose real name is Brad Xavier, underwent surgery after being stabbed in the neck.

The Kottonmouth Kings singer posted a photo and message on his Twitter account to the band?s fans, writing, ?Surgery went well?no major arteries?thanks for the love and concern?got some pain meds and in recovery!!?

Thus far there are no details on Daddy X?s stabbing but we are guessing it?s someone that doesn?t like MaryJane.

UPDATE Daddy X just posted on his facebook account -

?What?s up Family,I was in the wrong place at the wrong time..I don?t want to discuss any details in public,,I Am a peaceful man by nature..Justice will be served..I am recovering,and I will be Ok..Thanks to all the Kings & kweens Who have always had my back thru the good and bad times..Please don?t worry or stress,Respect Daddy X?

Here?s the Kottonmouth Kings video for ?Bump?:

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Images: news/Twitter

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