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Lil Wayne barred from J.Lo's music vid

Lil Wayne couldn't appear in J.Lo's 'I'm Into You' video due to his prison probation: source.

Charles Sykes, Harry Scull Jr./AP

Lil Wayne couldn't appear in J.Lo's 'I'm Into You' video due to his prison probation: source.

Where's Wheezy? Viewers of Jennifer Lopez's latest video, "I'm Into You," may wonder why they can hear Lil Wayne on the track but can't see him interacting with the luscious Latina as she frolics among Mayan temples and on a beach in� Mexico.�

A source familiar with the situation tells us that the conditions of Wayne's probation prohibited him from traveling South of the border to shoot the video with Lopez, who wanted a clip ready by the time her album was released last Tuesday.

But wait! Thanks to a bit of product placement, we hear the rapper will eventually appear in a version of the video.
The source says the Kluger Agency, which specializes in product placement, is the reason J.Lo is holding a relaxation drink called Koma at the top of the current clip. The fee that Koma paid to be included in the video enabled producers to shoot new footage of Lopez and Wayne in L.A.

Couric gets corny

Katie Couric is quite the prankster. When the departing CBS News anchor interviewed media mogul Dan Abrams at the 92nd Street Y on Wednesday, he told the story of receiving a recent phone call from a woman with a come-hither voice, who said: "Hello, is this Dan Abrams?" Abrams, who said he was with his girlfriend, hung up the phone to avoid trouble. But the woman immediately called back and left a voicemail that went from sultry to familiar: "Dan, it's Katie," Couric yelped. "What is your problem?! I was just calling to discuss the event!"

O'Malley brings in the funny people

Ian O'Malley will get a little help from some very funny friends at Caroline's comedy club on Tuesday night. The Q104.3 deejay has enlisted a quartet of killers to perform for a good cause at "Ian O'Malley & Friends": Greg Fitzsimmons, Dave Attell, Jim Breuer and "The Daily Show's" John Oliver. The charity event will also feature coveted raffle prizes, including a guitar autographed by Jon Bon Jovi, premium Yankees and Mets seats and tickets to the summer's biggest concerts.

The comedy extravaganza is the latest chapter in O'Malley's quest to win the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's annual Man of the Year contest by raising the most amount of money for the organization over a 10-week period that ends May 19.

Tickets to the laugh-fest, which are just $27.25, can be purchased at

Jodie Foster sticks up for Mel

Jodie Foster should do all of Mel Gibson's PR. A source who caught a screening of Foster's "The Beaver" at Lincoln Center on Wednesday night tells us the actor-turned-director spoke in "extremely" glowing terms of the controversial Gibson, who stars in the picture, at a Q&A that followed. She even compared Gibson favorably to "an actor-director who was a major pain." The insider adds that Foster later told a guest over dinner at the Atlantic Grill that she was referring to the late Dennis Hopper, who directed the actress in 1990's "Catchfire." Maybe their lack of chemistry had something to do with film bombing at the box office.

A 'Real' house-pup scuffle

Kelly Bensimon's dog Chief ruffled some fur in East Hampton when things got rough between the pup and a pair of pooches last weekend. A source tells us the rescued lab-pit mix tussled with two of interior designer Zina Glazebrook's dachshund and Jack Russell terrier.

Glazebrook declined to comment, but we hear that her dogs had to visit the vet and that Bensimon's daughter Sea was bit trying to break things up. Fortunately, she wasn't seriously hurt.

Bensimon's rep told us that "Kelly was out of town when the incident happened" and is "sorry" if Glazebrook's pooches were hurt. She said that Bensimon "took care of the medical bill," adding: "It was a case of dogs being dogs."

Lance who?

Maybe the sun was in Lance Bass's eyes, but a source tells us he looked a little stunned when he was only semi-recognized in South Beach recently. Our insider tells us that the former boy-band member had just approached a table of handsome lads at The Lords pool partywhen the lone woman of the group squinted at Bass and said: "Do I know you from somewhere? Do you live in New York?" The source says Bass, who had been taking snaps with fans all afternoon, replied, "Uhh ...," before his friend jumped in and explained who he was.

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