Thursday, May 5, 2011

Scotty McCreery is Always On Your Mind

Sheryl Crow can't wait for Scotty McCreery to move to Nashville.

Will he do so as the next American Idol? Last night probably didn't cost him any votes, thanks to solid renditions of country songs past and present.

While he couldn't quite do justice to Montgomery Gentry's "Gone" with his voice, he made up for it with a spirited stage performance. See it below:

Scotty McCreery - Gone (American Idol)

Scotty McCreery then took on the Elvis Presley/Willie Nelson hit "Always on My Mind" for his second song of the night, and was much better vocally.

Check it out after the jump and see if you agree:

Scotty McCreery - Always On My Mind (American Idol)

Who was the best of American Idol's top five?

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