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Cameron Diaz in an Akris jumpsuit: too formal or refreshingly appropriate?


I?ve been staring at these Cameron Diaz photos for too long, trying to figure out exactly what?s going on with Camy?s supposed Akris ?jumpsuit?. At first glance, I liked it, although it seemed too heavy and too formal for the German premiere of Bad Teacher. Maybe it?s colder in Berlin now (CB should tell us)?? Bad Teacher is being sold a raunchy summer comedy, and this look doesn?t say that. Anyway, beyond the seasonal issue, I was trying to figure out if this was a true jumpsuit or if it was a separate halter and high-waisted pants. I still can?t really tell, but my guess is that it?s all one piece. Sure. It looks nice on her, and to give her credit, at least she?s not in booty shorts.

Camy has several new interviews out this weekend, and I thought this big one with the Los Angeles Times was pretty good. You can read the whole thing here, and here are some highlights.

Not wanting to sign on to Bad Teacher: ?I?m trained as an actor to look for a character to be someone at the end who people like. Reading this script, I was thinking, there?s no way out of this for this girl. She does so many things that are so selfish and narcissistic and closed off. How can she be redeemed? Her disdain for life is one that I relished playing,? Diaz says. ?I?m such a cheerleader, it?s kind of fun to play a character who thinks everything sucks.?

The difference between There?s Something About Mary and Bad Teacher: ?Mary, the character, the movie, was sort of innocent,? Diaz said. ?But Elizabeth is definitely a different kind of woman than existed in the ?90s. She?s driven in a different way. Comedy is always a reflection of what we can laugh at about ourselves. Humor is really just people telling the truth. It just depends what truth needs to be told at that time.?

Camy took a paycut to get the movie made: ?Bad Teacher? was made for less than $20 million from a script by writers of NBC?s ?The Office,? Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg ? a sum that would only have covered Diaz?s salary on ?Charlie?s Angels: Full Throttle,? according to Forbes magazine. The actress took a drastic pay cut to get ?Bad Teacher? greenlighted. The supporting cast includes Jason Segel of ?Forgetting Sarah Marshall? as a gym teacher more suited to Diaz?s character than the rich guys she?s chasing; Lucy Punch of ?Hot Fuzz? as Elizabeth?s goodie-goodie nemesis; and Phyllis Smith of ?The Office? as a complaisant friend in awe of Elizabeth?s reckless bravado.

On the sex scene with Justin Timberlake: In what may be the year?s most awkward sex scene, Diaz and Timberlake share a fully clothed tryst in a hotel room. ?The faces he made are so brave,? Diaz said of Timberlake. ?What guy would ever make those faces? The noises. He was like, ?I?m creeping myself out.? I was like, ?I don?t even know if I want to know what?s going on back there.?? That Timberlake and Diaz are exes in real life, the actress said, only eased the shooting process. ?That would have been kind of weird to do with someone I didn?t know and trust,? she said. ?With somebody else I may not have known where it stood, but we know where it stands.?

No formulaic rom-coms: ?When I see romantic comedies where at the end you tie it up with the happily ever after, it makes my skin crawl because I feel like you never come to a happy ending in life,? Diaz said. ?It?s always just the next progression. That?s what I liked about Elizabeth. I liked the fact that this was only one stop at the station. She didn?t make it all the way. Her growth was this increment. She got that one little inch.?

[From The Los Angeles Times]

I didn?t know she took a paycut for this film. Smart girl - and if she?s as smart as I think she is (about business), she?s probably going to get a back-end percentage of the profits. But I like when big stars show enough intelligence and loyalty to a project to take crop their overblown asking price.

Meanwhile, while Camy was in Germany, she also appeared on a TV show, Wetten Dass. Those photos are below - where she?s wearing a romper, because the bitch loves her rompers and onesies. I don?t get it either, but meh. I think it was during her German press that Camy opened up about therapy, confessing that she?s been seeing a therapist for 15 years: ?I?ve been doing it for 15 years and I thank God. My life would not be half as fulfilled as it is without therapy.? Okay. I didn?t know that.





Photos courtesy of WENN.

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