Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Christian Cheerleading Coach Keeps Her Job Despite Involvement With Weinergate


How interesting. Hmm. It's funny how some people in the Christian community believe that homosexuality is a sin, but they're more than willing to forgive infidelity. We seem to remember that's against some set of 10 rules or something. Can't really remember?

Anyway, point is Traci Nobles, the Christian cheerleading coach who carried on a sexual email exchange with Rep. Anthony Weiner, is keeping her job at The Young Women?s Christian Organization. She'll actually be teaching a class at the center's summer program and when contacted about her employment, a rep from the YWCO would only say:

"Traci does still work for us, but as a matter of professional courtesy we do not discuss personnel issues."

Fair enough. Still, we can't help but wonder how much longer she'll stay employed there. We imagine that there will be more than few complaints from parents who don't want their daughters learning cartwheels from a mistress, even if she was just an "online" mistress!

What do U think? Should this woman get canned for her indiscretions or should she be left alone?

[Image via Facebook.]

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