MorrisseySinger Morrissey's appearance at a Belgian festival has prompted organizers to instigate the event's first-ever meat-free day.

The Lokerse Feesten, which usually offers such delicacies as horse sausages and snails, will adopt a vegetarian stance on Aug. 4 to mark the former Smiths man's first solo performance at the 10-day festival.

Organisers were no doubt keen to avoid a repeat of the scenes that made the headlines at the singer's 2009 Coachella set when the outspoken vegetarian stormed off stage after smelling cooked meat in the air.

A statement on the festival's official website reads, "The Lokerse Feesten have had their eye on Morrissey for a very long time. For this edition we finally managed to get him over and we are very pleased about this. Further to that, the addition of Morrissey to the line-up meant a welcomed catering challenge for one day."