Thursday, June 2, 2011

Officers Rush To La Lohan?s House After Her Ankle Bracelet Goes Off!


Alert! Alert! La Lohan has broken through the perimeter! Sound the alarm!!! She's Shawshanking!!! SHE'S SHAWSHANKING!!!

Oh, wait. False alarm!

On Tuesday afternoon, police were dispatched to the home of Lindsay Lohan when her ankle monitor went off, signaling a possible escape from the starlet. When officials arrived, they found LiLo watching her 3-D TV on her rooftop, while simultaneously browsing scripts and posing for photographs for the tabloids.

Wow! She's learned to multi-task under house arrest! Awesome!

Anyway, according to officials, Lindsay did nothing wrong. There was no evidence to suggest Lindsay left the confines of her humble abode, so it was more likely that the ankle monitor simply malfunctioned.

Damn! Great! She's free to stew in her Venice digs for another day! (Just how many more days is that exactly? )

[Image via WENN.]

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