Rihanna is giving fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse of her Loud tour, which launched this past weekend, with a video of rehearsal footage which she debuted on her website.

The red-coiffed beauty appears in a variety of tight black outfits in the clip, as she runs through routines with her dancers, equipped with furry handcuffs, plastic chains and shades.

Choreographer Stephanie Roos revealed that Rihanna's new show will be broken up into five distinct sections, highlighting the different sides of the 'S&M' singer.

"This show in particular has five different sections: it has 'loud,' which is how she starts, it goes into 'hard,' which is another kind of side to Rihanna," Roos explained. 'Sex shop,' which kinda touches on the sensual, mysterious energy about her. We have another one called 'love/hate,' which I think everyone feels at times, and we end with 'fun,' because everyone just wants to have fun at the end."