Saturday, June 25, 2011

Top 7 Viral Moments Of The Week

This week, everyone wondered what the mysterious new Pottermore website was all about. A Harry Potter game? Fan fiction? SECRET HARRY POTTER SECRETS? Haha. No. Suckazzz. It?s just a way for J.K. Rowling to make more cash moniez. But hey, come October you?ll be able to download the entire Harry Potter series on your iPad, so there?s that.

In this week?s viral roundup, we have a few surprises. LiLo got a job, dogs are better drivers than humans and President Obama is a BAMF (Oh wait, we already knew that). Check out the top 7 viral moments of the week after the jump!

So I have a new favorite website and it should be yours too! Check out Animals Being Dicks, which is a collection of GIFs showing animals who pull pranks (on purpose?) on humans. Go figure, right. Anyway, it?s hilarious.

Do you like dancing animals? Of course you do! So watch this dancing dog who probably has better moves than you. Seriously. His name is El Willy and he?s considering a career in flamenco.

LiLo gots a new job, y?all! According to PopEater, she was paid 35K to record this video for (25K in cash + 10K to use on the site). It?s 18 seconds long. Wow, life?s so hard?

If two dogs race a woman in a toy car, who do you think comes out on top? The result may shock you.

This week, President Obama proved he?s a BAMF. In this video, watch the leader of the free world get a baby to stop crying. Amazing.

So, a moving train is coming toward you. What do you do? This guy has the answer.

Dwayne ?The Rock? Johnson went on Splash Mountain recently and�tweeted the photo from the ride. I don?t really think there are words to describe how awesome this is.


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