Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Unfortunately Named Twitter Scandal Ridden Anthony Weiner

We typically don?t report on sex scandals involving politician?s, but the Anthony Weiner Twitter controversy is just too damn good to pass up.

New York Rep. Anthony Weiner has hired a lawyer after a ?prank? on his Twitter account caused a lewd photo of an unidentified man (the photo was of a man?s lower half in boxer briefs) to be posted and directed at a 21-year-old female college student from Seattle.

A spokesman for the congressman called the incident a ?prank,? and said Weiner was considering ?civil or criminal actions.? ABC News reported that it was not clear whether Weiner was considering an individual investigation.

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The Twitter post appeared on Friday and was quickly deleted, but not before conservative website got a hold of the scandal. Weiner denies any hand in the incident and dismissed the case as one of simple hacking. ?I was hacked. It happens to people,? Weiner told CNN on Monday. ?This is a prank, not a terribly creative one, and it?s a distraction.?

You thought that might be the end of it, of course it isn?t?

A conservative blogger (via Gawker) has dug up tweets from porn star and stripper Ginger Lee who claims Weiner sent her a private message.

On March 13, Lee tweeted ecstatically, ?you know it?s a good day when you wake up to a [direct message] from @RepWeiner. (I?m a fangirl, y?all, he?s my trifecta of win.)? In a follow-up tweet, Lee explains that Weiner ?thanked me for the shout-outs and said he likes my blog? in the message.

The fun has only begun people!


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