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Volanda: a Crowdfunding Financing Alternative For Developers & Entrepreneurs

Introducing Volanda, a platform for financing new projects based on the crowdfunding model

From the hand of Amparo S�nchez and Bel�n de la Puente comes Volanda, an effective alternative method of supporting and funding entrepreneurial projects.� Based on the collective financing model or ?crowdfunding?, Volanda is an innovative online platform that offers a different way of understanding and supporting creativity.

Through small grants over a maximum of three months, Volanda gives an entrepreneur the opportunity to finance their project.� People who are directly involved in financing the project receive rewards defined by the creator.

Any creator or entrepreneur can showcase their project and all users can participate in implementing it.�

In addition, users can follow the progress of the project and liaise directly with its creators and other supporters.� The aim is to establish an open community where people with the same interests can share ideas and collaborate to achieve them.� To this end, the Internet allows for greater scope and flexibility in seeking financing and wider dissemination of new initiatives.

Amparo Sanchez, Bachelor of Business Administration, and Bel�n de la Puente, Bachelor of Journalism and Communication Studies, are part of the youth group emprendedor@s. The pair are responsible for the management of projects and direct contact with creators. "Volanda is important to give life to projects. Communication and contact with the creators is a great source of energy, we try to guide them to make their projects a reality," said Amparo, Creative Director of the platform.

Crowdfunding as an alternative

Following the success of other international platforms such as the American Kickstarter, IndieGoGo or Rockethub, which have helped to find support for around 20,000 projects, the crowdfunding model arrives in Spain, trying to alleviate the current funding challenges.� In this context Volanda was born, with the goal of becoming a benchmark in the support of new artists and entrepreneurs, initially in Spain and with plans to extend to the entire Hispanic world.�

Crowdfunding is proposed as an effective alternative to the traditional model of funding for achieving greater democratization and liberalization of the creation process.�

The platform enables users to decide which projects should advance, whilst allowing creators to maintain 100% ownership of their work and their independence during the creative process.�

"The current technological revolution and new channels of communication can bridge the gap between creator and user, thereby eliminating middlemen in cultural production.� Volanda is a new way of supporting independent creations" says Bel�n, who is responsible for the company?s communications.

Volanda plans to extend this model to all artistic and cultural fields as well as business initiatives.� The platform allows for projects in a variety of categories: movies, music, technology, etc.

This philosophy of collaboration and crowdfunding has also spread to the Volanda team?s way of working. "Fortunately, it is producing social change.� Today, the interaction between creators and entrepreneurs is greater than ever.� We form part of Utopic_Us, a coworking space where we are able to contact people with new ideas and different ways of thinking but within an environment of mutual support and collaboration"

How Volanda works

Volanda is a platform of support, funding and monitoring of creative projects

  • Volanda is a way to allow multiple people to participate in creative projects.� Users are involved in financing new projects through micro-contributions and may support a project before or after it launches.�

  • All projects and innovative ideas have a place at Volanda, large or small, experimental or more conventional.

The creator always maintains 100% ownership of an idea

An "all or nothing"approach

  • The authors set a goal and the contributions of the supporters are accumulated.� Once the deadline has passed, and only if the project has met the target, the entrepreneur receives the proceeds

Monitoring and rewards

  • In gratitude for the support obtained, a project?s creator offers rewards.�
  • The creator is free to define the rewards associated with each level of contribution, usually consisting of products or experiences related to the project.

We invite you to explore this initiative www.Volanda.com, through its spaces in Facebook and Twitter and on Vimeo here and here.

This article was written by Ellas 2.0, a The NextWomen partner.� See their website here.

Source: http://www.thenextwomen.com/2011/06/07/volanda-crowdfunding-financing-alternative-developers-entrepreneurs

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